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Igniting a passion...

My passion for skin care started in my early 20’s. After countless hours of baking in the sun and tanning beds, I developed hyperpigmentation, aka sun damage. People would sheepishly say, “I think you have some dirt on your face.” This REALLY bothered me. So, I sought help from a professional, who after some amazing treatments, helped me regain my self-esteem.

Embracing Change
After being a stay at home mom since 2003. I decided that it was time to think about a career that I could be passionate about. I went back to school, studied hard and became a Licensed Esthetician!

Paying It Forward

Not feeling confident to put your best face forward? I invite you to work with me to reach your skin goals. Facials are amazing, but I can’t do it without you and the more tools you have to use when you’re not being pampered by me, the better the results. I am passionate about transforming your skin, the same way professionals have helped me! 


Consistency is Key

Will you join me in this adventure of skin care and saviness? If you agree, the best way to start is to make an appointment. I promise, if nothing else, you will come away feeling hope that, although there is not a magic wand to turn back time, you can once again feel beautiful in your skin. You ready? Let’s do this!

Having harmony in your skin means having a healthy balance of water, oil and nutrients.

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What clients are saying

I so looked forward to my facial with Heather and was not disappointed with the experience.  I walked out feeling refreshed and relaxed.  I appreciate the fact that Heather uses the very best products that are non-toxic, natural ingredients, cruelty-free with advanced science; "honoring and protecting your skin and our planet".  I so look forward to another facial with Heather.



"I loved my facial last week! I felt so pampered, loved & nourished - body, mind & soul.”



Heather has been working with my face for six months. I absolutely would not know what to do without her! First, my face is clean and far more ready to accept treatment. I needed to learn all over again, how to take it to bed each night! Her products [I believe they come from France] are gentle and easy to apply. Now, Heather’s treatment of my skin is beyond great.  She uses a gradual method that’s easy to have on and never hurts to take it one step further for intensity. As for the ‘never hurt’ part, I usually fall asleep! Heather is great and I recommend that if you have a face, visit and let Heather work on what you think needs work!”




Best Advice

Empower yourself! Don’t always fall for the marketing gimmicks you see.  Ask a professional. Second, skin care doesn’t have to be complicated. Start with a product or two and work your way up. 
Next, be HONEST with your Esthetician about your skin and life habits. No judging, I promise. This will enable me to best recommend products and treatments that will get results and won’t do any harm. Lastly, take care of you! Treat yourself to a relaxing facial, even if you don’t have any skin concerns.  Allow me to pamper you. You deserve it!  

Favorite Product

My favorite product….can I give you a couple? That’s a hard one? I love the Gommage Exfoliating Gel because it eliminates surface dead skin leaving a healthy glow.  You can also use it as a hydrating mask! Vitality Nourishing Facial Oil because it has a blend of 10 essentials oils that revives the senses.  Provides intense hydration while protecting against free radicals. Is non-comodegenic. Glycopolymer Peel because it’s safer and more effective than Glycolic Acid.  Perfect for hyperpigmentation, acne prone and scar repair. Also Helps to tone, firm and contour the skin. Can be used on most skin types!

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